Book 2 chapter 7

Mordred stared at the box computer he had made to hack the Camelot’s systems, he could almost taste the irony. “Would this do?” His voice was heavy as he offered Dame Krim his handiwork. He already knew it wouldn’t, after all, he was no engineer. And he had built it from nothing but spare parts, and Gwenn34 was no ship A.I. “It’s, Sir, did YOU make this?” There it was, now she would hide her judgement behind politeness  and formalities, to let him down gently.
“These parts, this welding, is that? Sir, how did you? I don’t believe it!” She stared incredulously at the hack-box  as she turned it over in her hands, it’s many ports catching her eyes. “So many different ports.” Apparently she would not hide her incredulity at his inept attempts at engineering. “Sir, respectfully, your welding could use some work. Otherwise, parts wise, I believe it might work.” Mordred Stared at her in disbelief. Was she serious? Before he could ask however, Dame Krim was gone again, lost amidst the virtual forest of cables and tubes.
“Do you need anything else?” The question was meant as a way to break the silence, if nothing else. “Zip-tie’s, craft knife, spanner, and a drink.” Somewhat surprised Mordred went through Dame Krim’s toolcase, and started handing her the requested items. All but the drink. “That drink will have to wait, Dame Krim, as I have none, and you are tinkering with my mothers brain.”His remark caused the silence to return for a while, before an embarrassed whisper chased the awkward silence away again. “So sorry Sir, I,I, it’s a habit sir, I meant my water bottle, you see, its in my pack and, it doesn’t fit sir.”
Mordred smiled, for a moment he had truly been just another knight, not a commander, or even a senior. “It’s fine, I’ll see if I can find it.” He had left out name and rank, not out of habit, or as belittlement, but as an attempt to put her at ease again. “Should be a blue-bottle Sir, with a yellow hose.” ” Why a yellow hose?” He chuckled even as he asked. “Well it’s what I had when I made it Sir, unless you meant the hose, I got that because my suit’s hydration unit got busted, so as a field repair, or hack as some would call it, I put together my own, really low tech, for emergencies and such, I like to tinker with things like that.” Mordred touched her leg to interrupt her.”Breathe, Krim, breathe.” Carefully he handed her the bottle. “Nothing wrong with that, everyone needs a hobby.”He could hear her swallow.”And what might your hobby be then Sir? If you don’t mind me asking of course?” The second part came out rushed, as if she hadn’t considered someone might mind.” Well, I guess in a way your holding it. Or rather the product of one. I have several hobbies, like tinkering.”

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    love it

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