Book 2 Chapter 17

(Note: The last few chapters have been rather challenging to write, and although I usually strive for some levity or even humor, it did not feel right to add such all too openly here, however this also made them more of a chore, they needed to be written, but I will be glad when they are behind me, thank you for your patience. Addendum: As one might conclude from earlier notes I tend to be somewhat unfortunate when it comes to technical appliances, this story is as such brought to you by Frankenlaptop MK8 following hard-disk failures, software failures and ultimately a suicidal OS “Looking at you windows” causing my hard-disk to now be completely replaced by a usb thumbdrive, and my laptop with its mismatched internal components running on an android based os. As such a word for the wise, REDUNDANCY SAVES WORK have at least 2 back ups of your work one of which online and write your passwords down. Thank you. )

After preparing for his mother’s rites of passing Knight Commander Mordred Damodred sat himself down in his backless armchair, it’s model had been copied off of a historical chair, that some scholars believed had been in wide use among rulers and warriors during campaigns as field furniture. And as such had been supplied to the Knightly orders in large amounts.
With a sigh he removed his helm, forgetting for a brief moment that he was not alone.

A loud clattering reminded him of the other “living” person in the room.”Oh spanners!” Mordred frowned at the exclamation it seamed childish to him” excuse me sir. i seemed to have dropped my .. they are , that is to say… “She trailed of near the end. So Mordred looked up, and in the general direction of the privacy screen, only to see parts of a armour rolling across the floor. A sharp edge catching his attention. ” Dame, you seem to have lost your,,,pants.”  He looked closer at the sharp edge, his mind conjuring schematics as he did, allowing him to see where it belonged, and determine what it was, a locking pin, or more to the point, half a locking pin. ” I,,Indeed Sir, could you, or rather would you be as kind as to pass them to me? Please?”

Mordred stooped and picked up one of the components that now liberally littered the floor, noting that the pin’s failure had only been a matter of time, as even this piece had been worn down, well maintained and cared for, but worn well past what was commonly seen as serviceable. Frankly it was a miracle it had held out this long. ” No, I can not.” His voice was deep, and clear. Only to be followed by a silence as deep as his voice had been, a silence however of the awkward persuasion. ” In fact Dame Krim, I need you to remove all of your armour.” He spoke, as he carefully studied the wear and tear on the piece in his hand.

” S,,,S,,,Sir? All of it? Even the cuirass?” The doubt that tainted her voice, the hesitance brought on by her nervousness, were utterly lost on the otherwise perceptive Knight Commander. Perhaps because he was currently in his private chambers, or maybe it was because he was so engrossed in his current studies of the broken armour, or just due to plain exhaustion. The fact was he did not notice, and thus simply replied: ” Yes, all of it.”

Behind the privacy screen Dame Krim actually squeaked in sheer shock. When and how had it come to this? It all seemed wrong, and too fast, after all they had only just started to get to know one another, and now he, well, refused to return her pants, and furthermore wanted her to undress. Not that she was opposed to the idea per say, after all she had been in her underclothes in front of him before, but that was in the line of duty, it had certainly not been her intention to woo him, in fact she hadn’t even thought of it. And now the timing just seemed horrible! Then again she had heard that men who had just lost a loved one sometimes would seek solace in the arms of a woman…..Should she refuse? Could she even? He was a superior officer, and not just any superior at that, but literally the highest ranking officer she knew off, entire worlds could burn at his command, and here she was, just a simple mechanic, not even an important one, like Sir Ingles, or even Dame Spriggot. She almost felt honoured a man had even shown interest in her, it certainly hadn’t happened before, everyone had found her to be boyish. She paused, perhaps that was why she hadn’t thought twice when it came to undressing in front of the Knight Commander, because she had believed herself to be decidedly not attractive, then again, what if her boyish features were exactly what the Knight Commander had found attractive, what if he actually liked….Dame Krim shook her head to clear it, and drew a deep breath to gather her courage. With trembling fingers she removed her gauntlets, as they were the easiest to remove and still unclasped from before. Silently she muttered to herself, ” Only one way to find out,,right? ” .

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