Book 2 Chapter 4

Patience is a virtue, and no virtue goes unrewarded. Her mother used to tell her that, it was in fact one of the last things she had told her before Dame Krim enlisted with the order of the Road, and set out on a quest to aid in humanity’s defenses. Dame Krim had never really understood what she had meant with that, or rather what she had implied by telling her that just as she left, but her mother had smiled at her and seemed genuinely proud, so she had let anny hurt-full undertones slide of off herself like water of the side of a particularly well greased gear.

Now, centuries later and knowing her mother most likely was dead, her ashes dispersed on her homeworlds toxic winds. She couldn’t help but think of her again, and watching the Knight commander standing guard over his mother, she could not help but feel regret. Regret for having said her goodbyes, regret for all the arguments, regret for not having been fully honest with her, and regret for not having told her how much her remark had stung. even in the months following she had never once messaged home for clarity, never once looked back. As such she resolved to compose a letter, it would never really reach its destination, but it would at least give her closure, or so she reasoned.

Once more she picked up one of the aged wires leading to the atrociously modified tomb, and started the laborious process of determining its purpose and mapping its corresponding location upon a motherboard, as opposed to its location in a mothers brain. At least here patience would have a noticeable reward, doing it right would reinstate the Camelot as a properly functioning ship, and free Morgana, Knight Commander Damodred’s mother. Carefully she noted the location on her schematic, and labeled the wire with the proper symbol. Glancing over her hand drawn schematics she noticed that they lacked proper resistors, and diodes. For a moment she even feared needing to re-do her previous work, adding the step of measuring the voltage levels and resistances each wire had, in order to properly calibrate the motherboard , then discarded the thought, each wire was jacked into a living brain, voltage would likely not exceed the safe ranges coming in, let alone the maximum voltage coming out. she would therefore merely need to monitor Morgana’s brain activity and that could be done with the tombs own medical features. Unless those were tampered with, in order to better integrate the woman into the machine but that was crazy, right?

In a state of near panic Dame Krim crawled across the myriad of cables towards the underside of the tomb. Once there she attached her small diagnostic screen and booted up the tombs medical systems, at first this gave her a blank screen, then, after reminding herself not to panic but to activate her display, she could check Morgana’s vitals, up to and including the intensity of her brain activity, something she did not understand in the slightest.


“She’s waking up, so I would like you to get out from under there, unless you would like the conversations to be even more awkward. ” She ignored him, or maybe she simply did not hear him.”Are you done yet?” A more direct approach often worked on mechanics, this time however she maintained her silent and unresponsive attitude, it irked him. “GET OUT NOW.” Spoken louder than before, with more authority. A movement, legs wriggling. “Stuck now, would you happen to know about brain activity in correlation to ship movements Sir?” Mordred slapped his forehead. “Can I take that as a no Sir?” The woman was infuriating, and unfortunately to smart to be clever. “Have you tried running it through a simulation program, or a filter, or even a simple A.I. to command algorithm yet?” He could already guess her answer, a resounding of course I did.”Good plan Sir, Trying that now, say are we perchance moving?” Mordred frowned at the question, then relayed it to Gwenn34 before answering. “Yes we are, aft and port thrusters are,,”She cut in.” Firing at fifty percent thrust, Sir you are a genius!” Unseen to her Mordred’s eye developed a twitch.

The solution had been so simple, so elegant, sure she had to modify the interface a little but the tweaks were truly minimal. She wondered why the Knight Commander wasn’t an engineer, but banished the thought, now she had a program capable of reading the pulses the mapping of the wires had become a lot easier. And it saved her the extra work involved in calibrating the motherboard. She could simply use the parameters set by her program to calibrate the A.I. instead. Now all she needed was a suitable computer, something capable of holding a A.I. and large enough to attach all the wiring. Luckily she considered herself virtuous.

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