Book 2 Chapter 3

In his mind the motion played out like a series of steps, one two three, one two three. He could not name it but knew there had to be music, a dance then perhaps, which one it was slipped from his mind, but he remembered his friend and Commander mentioning the paces. Sir Ton did not pause to check his suit, or the void seals thereof, instead he ran to the nearest anchor site, one of several locations the Sword of Damocles would use to secure itself amidst the Camelot’s docking towers.
The halls were empty, all non essential crew locked safely inside cryo chambers, pods, or emergency escape vehicles, sleeping through all of the danger, possibly never waking again. The thought unsettled him, and as he rounded a corner his pace slowed, the responsibility seemed crippling. “Hark! T’is mighty Sir Ton, come to lead the assault of the Camelot? ” Sir Ton glared at the Knight before him.”There is no such assault, I am here to oversee the mooring, and a good thing too ! Sir Idver, there are but our allies and fellows upon the Camelot!” Something he himself had nearly forgotten during the mad chase they had just managed. “Ah Sir Ton I  truly meant no offense, my words were jest, nothing more, I too am here to see to the securing I assure you!” In spite of knowing better Sir Ton nodded.

Pain wracked her side and stars fired in her field of vision. Still she moved on, the cold was almost a welcome change from the heat she felt radiating from her injuries. Almost as welcome as finding her father would be, or rubbing their discoveries in the war leader’s face. Eventually, so she reasoned, Cripa would be bound to encounter another living thing, and if that was anything but her father than it would be lunch, or dinner respectively, not likely to be breakfast. She was certain breakfast was too far away. And so she continued to stagger through the halls, unaware of the fates of her people, unaware even of the relative time of day.

“Sir? Are you with us again Sir? Yes? Good, we managed to liberate ourselves from the engine room and are currently attempting to navigate towards the general direction of a medical bay, but our maps are off, and you unfortunately are the only one with a vague idea as to where we need to go,,,” Dame Spriggot trailed off towards the end, or perhaps he was about to slip into another one of those delightful moments of unconsciousness. ” Where are we now, Spriggot?” No point in being courteous when he was about to faint again. “Three decks up from engineering, port side  Sir, about midship I would guess.”Sir Ingles grunted at the idea. “Ugh, head for the ship’s center, one deck up, bulkhead should read M33, trust me you’ll know it.” he didn’t get to finish the thought, as once again darkness took hold. “You heard him boys, M33 one floor up, let’s go.” The men and women of the order of the road nodded, and picked up their wounded before once again dragging themselves up  yet another flight of stairs.

“Gwenn please feed me all the comm lines, listening only, I don’t trust the current tension” Sir Ton saw his fellow Knights in a manner he was not accustomed to, and it made him feel paranoid. ” Sir, there really is no need to listen to them all simultaneously yourself.” Oddly enough Gwenn34 was not being a pain in his ass, even more remarkably she sounded concerned. “Please clarify?” Was the pose Sir Idver struck one of defiance? he seemed too eager to please just now, and when Sir Ton didn’t leave his posture seemed sneaky, backhanded. “Sir, the men are discussing why you remained here, thinking you don’t trust them.” “I don’t” His reply had been out before he realised what it would be. “Very wise Sir, but perhaps you would put it differently towards them? one may suggest making them feel like they have something to gain from your, scrutiny, Sir.” For a moment it felt like she was lecturing him, but he chose to ignore that, and the obvious baiting. Instead he opened a channel to Sir Idver as he approached him. “Well Sir Idver, it will be a true pleasure to see how you and your men handle the docking to such an ancient vessel, between you and I, I have not before witnessed such a feature.” He believed he sounded rough and angry, not at all what he had intended, the result however was the same. “Ah Sir, it will be our honour to show you, I must admit it is a tricky procedure, but it can be done. the trick is to mag lock first, the other ship may have a different gravity, or none at all, and then to open the door, AH after of course securing the seals! otherwise the ship will drift off voiding the decks.” Inwardly Sir Ton smiled, as he listened to a ship to ship combat expert explaining how anchors and tethers worked nodding his understanding at times, always turning to whoever spoke. “So we are not in trouble then?” Sir Idver finally asked. “No Sir. You most certainly are not, I merely wished to see it for myself.”Sir Ton declared, and to himself alone he added “And get of the bridge, how does Mordred do these things and not go mad?” And even though he hadn’t meant for Gwenn34 to hear it, she did, and filed it away so she could pester him with it later.

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