Book 2 Chapter 1

“Cut the engines, let inertia carry us after her, keep the lock, assume hunting protocols, do not lose her out of sight, is this clear?” Sir Ton spoke with feigned calmth, and felt filthy for the lie it was, certain any of the Knights would easily recognize the falsehood he had projected. As such he was quite surprised when, rather than calling him out on it, the bridge crew seemed to calm down, and respond to his order without questioning him further, as a unified “Aye Sir” Was the only response he received. the situation left him so baffled that for a while he merely sat in silence as he stared at the tactical read-outs and the general goings on of the bridge. Not realizing that his pose made it seem as if he was judging the crew on their efficiency, or thinking hard of the best tactical response to possible future moves the Camelot might intend to make respectively.

Sir Steven Morigan sat hunched over his keyboard, the orders were clear, maintain a lock, and that was his one job, the thing he was best at. Targeting and destroying space bound targets. His fingers moved like a blur as he adjusted the angle of the cross hairs the keys making the satisfying clicking sound every time his sensitive fingers brushed across them. “Sir it looks as if she’s about to speed off again, her thrusters are aglow.” he had noticed the change in coloration minutes before any other would, or even could have. ” Adjust accordingly helmsman, good spot Morigan.” The acting Commander was sharp, just the way Steven liked it, and he had known his name, causing the shadow of a smile to grace the lips of the Knight of the Crow, a rare sight that none of the others even noticed so engrossed they were in correcting according to his assessments. He allowed himself to feel important for but a moment as realization set in. “Sir, She’s only firing her port thrusters, and I see a glow on her starboard bow!” Somewhere on the bridge there was a gasp, but the calmth inspired by their steel hearted commander held. “They are coming about hard!” The Commander leaned into the guard rail that encircled his podium, his frown telling the crew that he had expected them to know what he would say.

Sir Ton gripped the guard rail tightly as his mind raced, the Camelot was about to charge straight at them, the two ships would crash and be destroyed, or in a best case scenario crippled, at the very least one of the two would not maintain its integrity and explode. He was certain the Sword of Damocles would not be able to dodge, unless. “Full power to upper aft thrusters, charge forward shields, prepare to fire bow thrusters the moment she passes over us!” The move was a daring one, a sudden dive at high speed, and possibly ramming the engine section of the ship hopefully crippling it. Or possibly just missing it and coming up behind them, very close behind them, if done correctly the manoeuvre would allow the Sword to assume a inverted position over the larger Camelot, possibly even enabling them to dock to the higher towers using emergency protocols, none the less it would be a dangerous gambit that could cripple one or both ships if done wrong.”my simulations yield a thirty percent chance of success Sir.” Gwenn34 interjected over his personal channel, too late now, the order had been given. “Helm, order confirmed Sir.” The sword groaned as her trajectory altered, alerts Sir Ton had never before heard started blaring, a quick glance to the tactical screen showed him his mistake as it clearly stated the presence of a gravity well. The crew however seemed unperturbed.

Helmsman Barrow, a senior member of the bridge crew punched the controls with steady hand, decades of experience told him what the acting commander was intending to do, but more than a keen instinct it had granted him a lack of fear, the manoeuvre was a dangerous one, dipping the nose into a gravity well at this angle would either rip the ship apart or sling her around effectively making the Sword turn around the nose like it was an axle, centrifugal force versus gravity. Even suggesting such a manoeuvre showed great confidence, not just in his own ability but in the crew as well. And so he thrust the nose down, trusting the acting commander. The ship groaned, and the black hole beneath came into view, the monstrosity was still  far from inescapable but it’s pull would do nicely. A rumble through the decks signified the Camelot screaming across the space they had occupied moments before, proximity alerts blared, then went still, the speed of the thing was frightening. “Camelot just passed us. Lock maintained, She is breaking away fast Sir!” Morigan’s voice came just as Barrow punched the thrusters to their limit, again the Sword groaned, as she broke away from the black hole’s pull. The acting commander sternly standing at the rail. Barrow couldn’t help but respect the man.

Sir Ton focused on his breathing, making sure to inhale before speaking, forcing the lie of calmth once more. “Well done Barrow, good job Morigan, now full speed in pursuit of that ship, apparently keeping our distance won’t work so let’s change our tactics.” The crew responded accordingly, and once more they set out after the Camelot. “Attempt to hail as soon as we are in range.” The comms officer turned to face him. “Who should I hail Sir? surely if the ship flies so erratically her comms must be down aswell?” Sir Ton smirked. “Hail Sir Ingles, I know for a fact he is aboard that ship.” He finally had a plan that could work.

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