Idle hands….

Sooo, I have posted erratically until the epilogue, and then virtually dropped of the face of the world for I believe about half a year or so.
The reason for this is rather simple, and somewhat embarrassing, my trusty old computer, with the crack running along the screen, the hacking and coughing of the cooling fan and the sticking keys, burnt out. After a decade of off the cuff repairs, replacement parts from other broken devices and creative re-wiring finally died it’s last death, a complete systemic malfunction, literally burned through the motherboard. Now most people would just say oh well tough luck go get a new one, and they would be right, let’s be clear that that is the very best solution here, your computer dies and is un-recoverable, you get a new one.
Except that I am what may be considered unlucky, when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong, so yes I did get a replacement, as recently as this week. I had a replacement before, but a hard disk error caused the os to get deleted, and sort of replaced by win7, professional without me having the licensing, or even the data, causing it to lock up in the boot sequence essentially becoming useless. The only fix I had at hand was an old set of recovery disks for xp, and well it got messy, as the drivers were lost etc. So I figured of to replace the dysfunctional pile of broken poorly functioning parts, and what do we know, life had more wrenches to throw. long story short, I’m back, and as soon as my head is back in the story-writing mind set I’ll even start posting stories again

TLDR: Sorry for disappearing, stories will resume soon.

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