Chapter 27

The drugs were wearing off. He knew this because he could feel the dull ache at the edge of his conscience slowly change into a sharper more palpable sensation. A sensation Sir Ton knew all too well in fact, he was being stitched up.

The machines suddenly went haywire, and within seconds the operating theatre became a disorganized mess as the large man sat bolt upright. Only the years of service and experience the acting chirurgeon had under his belt saved the nurses and himself from injury, as he had the wit to step away and wait for the Knight to speak.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the question surprised the medical staff, albeit slurred the words were clear, apparently the brute body before them was metabolizing the sedatives already. “We are tending to your well-being  Brave Sir Knight?” Apparently this was not the correct answer as the large man proceeded to, clumsily, rip out the intravenous plasma drip, and carelessly tossed it aside. “I was fine,,sawbones! ” His anger seemed to speed up the process of sobering up, perhaps aided by the pain it caused him. “Sir I assure you,,,” The Chirurgeon raised his hand to silence the nurse hoping to forestall the large man’s anger. “Lett her speak quack! ” The theatre went silent, never before had a knight spoken in favor of a nurse, or restrained himself from violence while so grievously injured.”Sir I assure you, you were most certainly terribly injured, you had ruptured your internal organs!” The nurse, heartened by the giants favour blurted out the sensitive information. “You were far gone, delirious even, you were speaking of the Knight Commander’s mother entombed, and of decks that moved on their own! We feared we would lose you to the fever or the blood-loss but suddenly you recovered, and even woke before we finished stitching you up, which in and of itself was rushed because you nearly woke twice mid surgery! ” Damn that nurse and her loose tongue now the Knight would surely end them all, or so Chirurgeon Alphidus feared, instead the large man seemed to pause, before looking down at himself.

His armour was gone, that much was obvious, and he saw the stitching in his side, all in all it was neatly done, not quite the way he preferred, but this Chirurgeon could not know his preferences,  come to think of it, where was his preferred chirurgeon? Angrily Sir Ton cast his gaze around the room, until he found Tyelin.
His heart froze, Tyelin was hooked up to transfusion tubes, and life-support devices, the man looked pale and fragile, Ton had forgotten how old the Chirurgeon was. “Is he alright? What happened to him?” once again the operating theatre fell silent, only briefly this time. “There was, an accident when he brought you in, he got injured, he will be fine, his last order was to fix you up.” Sir Ton nodded, and seemed to rest for a while, at least to the eyes of those who did not know him. In truth he was taking stock, his mind moving like a loaded freight train as it started processing the information available to it, he had spoken about morgana, they had somehow known the Knight Commander was involved, Tyelin was injured, and needed blood, how had they linked Morgana and Mordred? Few knew the name of Mordred’s mother. His gaze fixed on the sleeping chirurgeon, and he eased himself to his, somewhat unsteady, feet. In seconds he had closed the distance although that had been more of necessity than desire, he needed to steady himself and Tyelin’s bed was the best way to do so. He would figure out what they did not want to tell him.

Knight Commander Mordred Damodred Stared intently at the mechanic, all things considered she was exactly as he had expected a member of the order of the road to be, her stance was one of open surprise, her hands clenched around tools, and she bore little more than a small ceremonial knife as a weapon. She also seemed utterly flabbergasted at his presence. “Hello Mordred, and how are you today? Why mother how nice to see you, I am doing well, thank you, and you? Oh dear don’t worry about me, you know how I get always busy hehehe . ” Morgana’s voice was laden with sarcasme, yet it was obvious she was merely trying to diffuse the awkward situation. “Mother, I have many questions, first of which is not how are you, as that seems obvious, you are entombed, as such, Why are you entombed any way? ” Dame Krim sank to her knees, and stared at the tomb. “Oh now look what you did! You broke the mechanic!This is why I can’t have nice things Mordred.” the mirth in his mothers voice aggravated him, how could she just joke around like this, making light of a situation so dark? “I scarce believe it would be my doing, nor do I think she is broken, merely tired of the weirdness, Mother.” He allowed his voice to turn more serious as he went along, and thankfully Morgana picked up on his hint. “You are right, Mordred, and of course it is a good way to keep from fiddling with my , tomb, so to say. Very well, you asked me a question, and the answer is simple enough, I am entombed here for my own survival.” Mordred’s stance shifted slightly, signaling annoyance.”That is part of the reason at least, the other reason is that I am, oh I really dislike telling you this dear, I am a replacement part.” Dame Krim jumped up as if stung.”NO!”she rushed over to the tomb, and before Mordred could even reach out to stop her she had ducked under the body of the tomb, and into the tangled web that was it’s cabling, all the while muttering, no no no no, as if it were a mantra of sorts. “Ehm actually, I fear the word you seek is yes dear, I would like to think I know my own state at this point.” just as Morgana had said that, and Mordred had rounded the corner to get a better look at what Dame Krim was doing she retreated back, her stance showing defeat and frustration equally. “Your verdict? ” Dame Krim did not answer, instead she started removing her minimalist armour.

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