Chapter 26

“How bad is it?” The question lacked a honourific, and Chirurgeon Tyelin almost did not answer, thinking it had came from Dame Krim, before realizing it had not. “Ah well very bad, yes. He is losing blood rapidly, yes. Internal bleeding you see, I doubt he was aware of it himself.” With a shake of his head he thumbed his personal homing device before pressing it to Sir Ton’s chest, who-ever he had just spoken to would have to wait, Right now there was a commanding officer’s life to save. Blue light streaked across the room as the medi-port took chirurgeon and patient back to the medical wing on the Sword of Damocles, for a moment Dame Krim could hear other medical personnel yelling at the top of their lungs, “Prep the theatre! Seven bags ready Sir! Crash…” The light was gone, and so were the two men that had been the center of her focus.
Dame Krim took a deep breath and surveyed the room, her gaze coming to rest on the large obsidian tomb that seemed more than a little out of place, sitting like a bloated spider in a web of tubes and wiring. “Well aren’t you a pretty little thing,,,” The words of admiration were out before she knew, or realized she had spoken aloud, she always spoke to machines though, it was one of a few quirks that were allowed to members of the order of the road. “Why thank you, you don’t look to displeasing yourself, Milady mechanic.”  The hairs in the back of her neck rose as she looked for another person in the room, and could find none. “I am right in front of you, Milady.” Realization dawned as she took a better look at the tomb, the cabling was non standard, much like the entire room was non standard.

“You’re alive?” Dame Krim could do little but stare at the device as she started to reverse engineer it in her mind, feeder tubes, disposal tubes, air tight sealant, mixed in with the tubes and wires she would have expected on a emergency medical purpose cryo-tomb, with some exceptions, she could not find the supply tubes for protos. “How do you work,and what do you do,,” She could barely contain her enthousiasme. “Typically seen I work well, and my job is to keep the ship running, so how do you work, and who are you, if I may ask?”  Dame Krim paused, the voice seemed all too human, reacting too quickly for a machine based intelligence. “I am Dame Krim of the order of the road, and I will be your mechanic today, may i have a diagnostic?” Her tendency to treat machines like people had always been a debatable  subject within the order, some praising her for it, others disapproving of it and some even speaking of it as being a sign of mental deficiency, yet she had a feeling that in this case it might have been a positive trait, as the voice responded with mirth. “Well met milady Knight, though I shall not give you a diagnostic, I am pleased to meet you, My name is Morgana.” Dame Krim was mildly surprised, she was not used to being denied a basic diagnostic, she was about to open the lid of the tomb, breaking the vacuum seal in the process when a bright blue flash halted her motions. “Do not do whatever your inquisitive mind wishes to do! Step away from the tomb! ” Knight Commander Mordred demanded.

Sir Ingles stared in abject horror as he beheld the ruined atmos organ being spread out on the deck before him, Dunhain was tearing into the delicate machinery as if he were a man possessed, throwing tubes in a seemingly haphazard fashion to either his left or his right hand side. “What in the name of Cog has gotten into you man! Stop this wanton destruction, please!” Dunhain however ignored the hail, and kept tearing at the delicate machine with ever more fervour.
Dame Spriggot poked the madman with a ten foot piece of pipe to see if he would respond. And for a moment all his motions stopped. “Excuse me, can I work in peace please? You are interrupting the best part of the piece I was listening to. ” Dunhain’s voice was weaker than usual yet seemed utterly devoid of lunacy, well as far as the mechanics could tell anyway. “I say Dunhain, what in the name of Cog are you doing man? You are positively destroying that poor organ!” Dunhain sat up from his hunched position, his hands obscured from view by the bulk of his form.”Sir, the organ is of secondary importance at best Sir, also it is no longer an organ Sir.” His manner of speaking was formal, almost ceremonial even. “Well no, I can see the organ is definitely not an organ anymore, you did a whopping good job on tearing the bugger apart .” Dunhain’s head tilted slightly to the side, something he often did when he did not agree on something another mechanic or engineer had said, but was contemplating the wisdom of openly disagreeing. “Respectfully Sir? It was already no longer an atmos organ before I tore her apart, Sir this is a grave.” And with those words the engineer turned around, with cradled in his arms the small skeleton of a human infant wrapped in scraps of what may have once been it’s blanket. “I found all of her sir, all but her teddy bear, Sir will you help me look for it? Please? ” Dunhain’s voice broke as he himself broke down into tears, and where any other order would have chastised a Knight for losing himself to emotions in such a way, the men and women of the order of the road all just gave a solemn nod, and started tearing pipes from the wall, ignoring the cost. Everyone knew Dunhain had had a daughter once, they all had seen the picture in his room, yellowed with frayed edges, discolourations where tears had stained the old photo, she had died three days prior to Dunhain’s acceptance as a squire, three days before the Knights could have saved her, he did not often speak of her but they all knew the story.

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