Chapter 23 Save it for my memoirs.

Alert claxons chimed gently as Gwenn34 displayed incoming attacks across the Knight commander’s field of vision, colour coded for threat level, it was easy to chose which to dodge and which to block.Almost too easy. “Gwenn, please re asses the ork threat level? I believe the projectile weaponry might be a fluke.” There was no reply, and for a moment he feared the task would be too much for his suit’s A.I. to handle aside from constantly logging the incoming attacks. “My assessment stands Sir, perhaps you merely are more skilled than you recall?” The last part sounded as if she were giggling. “Explain why your assessment stands Gwenn, this is hardly a battlefield at all, in fact it more resembles an abattoir! ” Each of his blows drew blood, every stroke was true. “Sheer force of numbers Sir, you would have run out of bullets by now should you have depended on a gun alone, and were you unarmoured, well you would probably be dead now.” Mordred rolled his eyes, and for a moment considered asking if the enemy was even hostile in the first place, then discarded the thought as he lopped of a particularly nasty looking head, the thing had the sort of face he presumed only it’s mother could have loved.”Sir as an addendum I would like to alert you that your armour is starting to run low on power, you can only maintain this shall we say slaughter, for  another hour before it, and I, will shut down entirely.”  Angrily Mordred clove another ork in twain, or very much almost in twain as Merlin got stuck halfway down the foul creatures chest, a second one shoved the wretched beast aside and the blade got wrenched from his grip, exactly at the same moment as the blue hue of teleportation removed him from the field of battle. “Sir, you appear to have lost..”Mordred cut in, not allowing the A.I. to finish “Save it for my memoirs Gwenn.” Before him stood the order of the shield, or at least those members that had not been deployed to the Camelot’s walls, fully armoured, their stances those of Knights in anger, and for a moment Knight Commander Mordred was surprised and did not understand why, untill he spotted Dame Ariadne, fists clenched to either side, helmet seeming to jutt forward, still slightly hunched over as standing in itself hurt her. “You should be resting” He had said it before he even knew he was going to and he instantly regretted it, she was sure to rage at him now, that or he would get an earfull on abandoning her. “Lord Commander Damodred, You seem to have forgotten the first rule of combat. We are here to remind you of it.” The words had not come from his friend, they had come from her second in command, Sir Bodwin, a pompous man that had a penchant for drawing the Knight Commander’s Ire, with Ariadne laid low he would have assumed command of her order. Unfortunately for him he was not a member of Mordred’s inner circle, nor was Mordred calm in any way shape or form. “Firstly, Sir Bodwin, I am NOT a Lor” Bodwin raised a hand to cut him of, and the mere audacity of the act caused Mordred to halt, that and the lack of a sword to cut said hand of with, “Knight Commander, your blood pressure is rising to dangerous levels, are you experiencing displacement related stress symptoms?”Gwenn34 chimed in, trying to be helpful. “I suddenly understand my father a little more, Gwenn remove Sir Bodwin from the duty roster on the charge of insulting the Knight Commander, and acting in a manner unbefitting of his station, please.” Mordred righted himself, and corrected his cloak. “Belay that order Gwenn34, as I relieve Commander Damodred of his duties, active immediately, on account of his behaviour indicating madness, and his being out of uniform.” Bodwin’s pose was one of a conqueror, he had been awaiting such a chance and now Dame Ariadne was unfit to act he seized it.

Tyelin had never before been on a actual field mission, nor had he been sent for by name. And now here he was crawling through dusty maintenance shafts and sneaking through worn service hallways of a ship he had never even seen before today with the Knight he had treated for a metal splinter lodged in an eyeball scarcely three days ago. “So how is the eye holding up? No residual pain I take it ? ” He had to bite his tongue, dame Krim had been very adamant on him not saying yes at the end of his sentences. “I am wearing the cooling patches, like you told me too, it seems to work well enough, no selling as far as I can tell, the nurses checked this morning and said it was going alright, I thought you knew?” Her tone was jovial and quizzical at the same time, she seemed genuinely surprised.”Sorry I have not had the opportunity to speak with them on that subject yet, there was a emergency with a commander a while back,,” “I heard.” She smirked, and rounded a corner, he nearly bumped into her when he did so himself. mag locks from here on down doc. Don’t want to lose you. Ah here let me help you with that” For once he was happy with his lack of pride, as he let her help him strap into the security harness, and down the deep shaft. Half an hour later he got why her muscles were so large. an hour in and he again was happy he had no pride as he had to ask her to carry him the remainder of the way down, never once did she make fun of him, at least he didn’t think she did. Once they were down and she propped him against the wall he was glad he had remembered to write down the instructions. in relative silence Dame Krim drew a map in the dust on the floor, then stopped. “What is it?” he couldn’t really tell in the dim light, but something seemed to have startled her. “Hexagonal bolts, they aren’t typically used in interior hallways like this one,  too clunky, too many sharp edges to get hurt on when there is no gravity, might damage the void suit you see, and the floor is flat plate, that makes no sense.” Tyelin didn’t really understand, it made sense though, if he thought of it none of the Sword’s hallways had hex bolts, not even the servant hallways, or hidden passages, and he only ever saw flat plate on walls and ceilings. He was about to remark on that when Dame Krim spoke again, seemingly to herself. “It is almost as if this entire hallway has been built on at a later date, the indicators don’t make sense either, I know we aren’t on that deck, or that hallway.” She stared at the dents in the floor. “I think it is in that direction, follow the dents I suppose.”His lip was really hurting now. “I think you’re right doc. And I hope your bag has everything you need for two patients, because that is not a straight line.”

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