Chapter 21

The pain in his left leg was, so he decided, a lot worse than the pain in his right. Aside from the nagging pain of his now stiffened back it was the predominant feature of his current state. Thinking back he could only remember three times in which he had been as hurt as he was right now, once as a child when he had disobeyed his mother, and climbed a tall tree which he had subsequently fallen out of, the second time he had insulted his father and received a thrashing he would never forget, or forgive, the third time had been on the dueling field, he had challenged and lost to another Knight, he had not know who it was, but when he came too the Knight Commander had sat at his bedside. “It sounds like you had a hard life, with a father like that.” Sir Ton frowned, he hadn’t realized he had been speaking aloud. “He worked hard, and was a hard man, I should not have disrespected him.” The lights in this hallway were almost sickly green in colour, and utterly dimmed, just barely even on. “I am certain he meant well, still it must have been hard, nonetheless you prevailed and became the man you are today, so he must have done something right.” Sir Ton rounded the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. “Hello Sir Ton, we meet at last hmm?  Well to a degree at least. ” Before him stood a single Cryo-tomb heavily modified, it’s lid a deep obsidian black, several tubes feeding into it on all sides, it looked at first glance much like a fat black spider in a web, its support struts raised to allow more cabling to enter the bottom of the device as well. “You, You are inside of that thing? ” To his dismay a camera sat atop the tomb’s lid whirred itself into focus. “Inside, awake, and looking at you yes. Your leg looks pretty bad actually, did you relocate it yourself? Silly question off course you did, there is no-one else here!” Sir Ton’s heart sank as he recognized a data transfer cable, it was the type typically used to connect the ship’s computer systems to one another, even if she was not the ship’s main computer, she was at the least an integral part of it’s infrastructure. “Don’t look so glum my friend, you found me, and that is more than anyone else did. So what is the problem?” Emotions and rational thought warred within Sir Ton’s mind, on the one hand he realized that removing Morgana from the tomb would, in a best case scenario, cripple the ship, on the other hand she was a real damsel, in quite a bit of distress. Eventually he sat down, rested his head in his hands and sighed, Morgana had been quiet for a while now, apparently content to just look at him. “I don’t know what to do, I am certain that both options would be equally reviled by the Knight Commander.” He stared at the camera, and for a bit it shifted focus, his hands, he realized, the camera was looking at his hands. “I don’t know who your so named Knight Commander is I’m afraid, and as such I can’t help you in that regard, I guess it really is just down to your conscience.”

Silently Sir ton investigated the tomb’s lid, the seals were for all intents and purposes, perfect. “Morgana, is there a chance the ship will remain functional after you have been disengaged?” the terminology was harsh, mechanical and impersonal, but she understood his need for it, he couldn’t allow emotions to cloud his mind any further.”There is always a chance, Sir Ton, although I currently estimate the chance of the ship’s functionality surviving the procedure to be rather on the slim side, let’s say the lower fifty percentage, and of course then there is another matter to consider, one I believe has been left to it’s own devices for too long.”A look of confusion crossed his face. “The matter of the enemies at our gates? Traipsing around the walls like they own the place, strutting like peacocks showing off their martial ignorance, lobbing rocks at the walls? The fact they pose no significant threat does not mean that we can ignore them entirely you know.” Frustration welled up like bile in his throat, as if he would have forgotten, they had men on the walls keeping the foe under constant surveillance, besides if he could get the engines in working order he wouldn’t have to think about the foe any longer. “We have it handled, I am certain the Knight Commander has a plan.” Carefully he tested the lid’s seal, then started to gently prise it open. Within he encountered more wiring, and a young looking woman, seemingly no older than her early forties, embedded in a gel substance, akin to the sort of gel the chirurgeons would use if a patient from cryo needed to be operated on. What worried him was the amount of cabling going into the young woman’s body, evidently she was rather firmly integrated, and he was no engineer, nor a chirurgeon. Above him, the camera swiveled, and adjusted its focus. “Well I surely have seen better days, one might comment my make up is a mess, seriously though I appreciate your examinations, but unless you actually intend to free me they seem pointless.” Sir Ton shook his head. “I do, Morgana can you establish a link to a hailing frequency?  I need to ask for back up from a couple of smart men. ” Resigned that his order would not save this day, nor have the honour of rescuing the damsel he sat down next to her tomb again. “I came to rescue you, now I bloody well need to be rescued myself..” The words weren’t even really meant to be heard but he had said it, he wouldn’t be able to save her on his own. “Who are you going to call?” there was mirth in her voice, and a living quality, and it had an echo.

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