Chapter 19 Intersecting paths

Considering the matter concerning nurse Igraine as dealt with, Knight Commander Mordred tapped the heraldry upon his breast with his index and middle finger in salute to the chirurgeon.  Oddly this did take the man by surprise, and he rapidly dropped the nurses ankles in order to answer the gesture of respect. “Be well, Knight Commander, yes” Mordred smiled. “Take care,chirurgeon Tyelin. May your load be light until our return.” Flustered the chirurgeon resumed dragging off nurse Igraine.
After the chirurgeon had left Knight Commander Mordred snatched up a nearby Data board, the device was thin, and had pre existing columns, much like paper forms would, in which the patients statistics were readily displayed, heart rate included. “It would seem you are well on your way to recovery, although I do agree you need some rest. I will see you both on the bridge tomorrow at noon, until then Felicia you are not to leave her side.” With those words he gently touched Dame Ariadne’s cheek, then turned, and calmly strode away.

The heat was terrible, the moist was a close second, but by far the worst were the claustrophobically tight confines the service shaft provided the Knight as he descended the thinly rung ladder set precariously in the wall. The space had been too small for him to fit in whilst wearing his armour, leaving it behind had been the hardest thing he had ever done. More than once he had cursed the events leading him to this place, the blasted laughter of the woman who could not in any reasonable way exist. The woman he was going to liberate, the woman who held an entire world hostage, the woman who herself was a hostage, Morgana. Knight Commander Mordred’s mother, thrice damned Arthur’s wife, and apparently the Camelot’s ship computer. “Remind me again, why am I climbing through a tiny tunnel when I could have descended the regular stairs?” For a moment it seemed as if silence would be his lone companion, until a nearby speaker crackled into life. “there are civilians on the ordinary stairwells, some are so crowded you would not make it through, then there are the sealed bulkheads, currently disconnected from my systems and hence beyond my control, really I would almost believe you really thought you would just walk about and repair the Camelot, so you could fly of with her and be a hero to all without any real work involved Sir knight.” Angrily Sir Ton continued his descent into his own personal hell. “How much further down does this even go?”Morgana did not answer, nor did she need to, as the next rung on the ladder snapped, and Sir Ton fell.

“Gwenn how accurate are our star charts?” Knight Commander Mordred stood in his study, the octagonal table was littered with projections of star charts, and he peered at them intensely.”Currently Sir I would estimate they are seventy nine percent accurate, as I must admit I can’t properly consider them reliable after the projected course of the Camelot has been factored in, and cross referenced to our own, Sir.” Mordred frowned, he knew their course had suffered no uncharted deviations, and according to the chart they were supposedly in a geostationary orbit around a small and old planet. Which technically was true as they were orbiting something that seemed to fit the description of said planet, except that he knew it was one of their own ships. “Very well, run a compilation chart, considering the current charts as flawless, and overlay known gravity wells black holes and other anomalies that might distort ones perception of reality please.”Before him the images of the separate charts seemed to melt, as Gwenn34 started to build a vast holographic projection of the galaxy as she knew it, fed by the largely two dimensional mapping available to her . Mordred looked on in fascination, before he paced around the table. “interesting, Gwenn please pick out black holes in red, then run a simulation of the Camelot’s course  in green, first using it’s original flight plan please.” Red circles blinked into existence before a green dotted line began making its way from the center outward. A thought struck him.” Gwenn fade all anomalies that were unknown at the beginning of the Camelot’s journey, and update the chart with discoveries of say the last century in purple please.” In mere moments the story before him change, yet only in the very slightest. “Gwenn please mark the point where the Camelot lost all contact in yellow, a cross will do, then mark the locations of the transmission echoes galaxy wide please.” The view before him took on a disturbing change as markers seemed to pop up in a random pattern, except he knew they were chronologically placed. “Add rumored ghost vessel sightings both pre dating and after the disappearance anything of the appropriate size, allow for human classification errors, include generation ships of comparable size, they would not know of fortress class ships back then.” a flicker told him Gwenn did not understand and wanted to ignore the order, then the markers showed up. “Sir there is no rhyme or reason or pattern to the markers at all, and i rather do not see the point of this meaningless exercise, would you please clarify things?” Mordred smiled and toyed with an idea.”Gwenn, please allow me this liberty, could you make the markers appear as the recorded ghost ship descriptions?”  The markers took on varying distorted shapes, and before his eyes he saw how the vessel aged, some were newer but mostly he witnessed how the Camelot lost its splendor, its life, and started contracting asteroids, as well as other debris, becoming more and more akin to the planet beneath them. “Assuming the ghost ships are in fact the Camelot sir? how did it get here then? Unless,,,” Gwenn34 fell silent as her procesors caught up to human intuition, Mordred would allow it. for now they had all the time in the world.

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