Chapter 18 Gentle hands…


Nurse Igraine moved as fast as she could, her feet barely touching the floor, and that is where it went wrong really. As she attempted to lunge at the girl that was , to her mind, mistreating her patient, she did not exactly heed where she placed her feet. Now normally that would scarcely give her any trouble as the rooms would be tidy and wel organized, especially the rooms that held patients, what she had forgotten however was that there were other people in the room, who had brought things into the room with them. things such as the cleaning rag that caused her to slip and unceremoniously, end up in the Knight Commander’s lap, face first. Suffice it then to say that the Knight Commander was not in fact sitting down, nor was he wearing leisure clothes, and it will become plain to see that nurse Igraine was of to a rocky start of a very bad day.

Luckily she would not be awake for most of it.

Knight Commander Damodred stared down at the nurse with a modicum of bewildered confusion, where had she come from? He hadn’t heard her enter the room, nor had he seen her in the hallway moments before. Could she have followed them into the room? Or did she just walk at a ridiculous pace?  “Thank you kindly sir knight, for treating that lady’s hysteria in such a rapid and adequate manner.” The soft and partly muffled voice of Felicia came from behind Dame Ariadne’s back. “You are welcome, although I ought to mention she , treated, herself” To both their surprise Dame Ariadne snorted.”Doctor heal thyself” Mordred heaved a sigh, and shook his head. “Perhaps you could not hurt yourself further.”  His words were concerned, yet there was just a hint of amusement to them.
“Now then, what is that yellow paste?”Felicia frowned, for knights they seemed to know horribly little about medicine, or maybe it was a sort of test? “‘Tis boiled out kerigan humors Sir.” She stated matter of factly , when she saw no outward signs of recognition from either of the Knights, she continued. “You boil a kerigan’s piss until it is a thick paste, and that can be applied to cuts and scrapes, to keep the bad spirits out of the wound, I am not quite sure how it works, i was learning before the monsters came,” Her voice trailed off, as the two Knights allowed the new information to sink in. “What is a kerigan?” Dame Ariadne carefully asked, not quite yet daring to venture into the area where her squire just mentioned applying urine to an open wound. “A kerigan is one of the beasts of burden that we keep for the produce they supply, they give us the milk for cheese and butter, the humors for medicine, and they labour at the plow to till the fields, they have eight strong limbs and can bare heavy burdens, such as bushels of flax, or rolls of cloth upon their broad backs with ease, yet are gentle and docile beasts.” Felicia was rather certain she got all the answers right, she had paid attention when her mother had taught her these things, though she might have forgotten something.
It was right that moment Dame Ariadne gasped, and gripped her left arm in shock. “Are you alright?”The Knight Commander seemed more jumpy than fit his character. “Just pins and needles, I’ll be fine Sir.” Dame Ariadne replied, while gritting her teeth. “Hmm I wager the cuts the girl made must have alleviated the pressure caused by the bruises,yes, very well done really for such a old method, it’s execution seems flawless, yes, good call on the boiled piss as well, hmm yes.” In an instant Knight Commander Damodred drew Merlin, and slung it at the man’s head, stopping a mere centimetre from the throat. “Damn you man! Where did you come from, how did you get here and why in the blazes did you sneak up on us!?” The chirurgeon stared back, not in the least impressed by the keen edge of the blade before him, nor scared, or even surprised at the Knight’s response to his presence. A fact that Mordred was thoroughly bothered by. What had the chirurgeon endured to have become so jaded, fearless, or even dead on the inside?  “I came from a small fishing town, Sir, I came here by foot, and several shuttles, and I am here to check up on my patient, Sir.” The statement seemed odd. “Just now? ” The man stared at him with a bored look, then remembered to blink. “No Sir, Just now I was in the chirurgeon’s cafeteria, eating my lunch, after which I walked back through the service passages, I entered the room through the door behind me, in order to check up on my patient. Sir.” The honourific added as an afterthought. “Do all medical staff sneak around these days?” The question had come from Dame Ariadne, obviously meant as a way for Mordred to lower his sword in a less awkward manner, and regain some level of composure. “I would like to state I was not sneaking, but, perhaps I was, to someone who wears a battle helm in doors, inside the medical wing, yes, hmm you seem to recover well. Good, hmm I shall see to nurse Igraine.” Without further acknowledging the Knight Commander’s presence the chirurgeon took the nurse by the ankles, and simply started dragging her back towards the door, as were she a bag of coal.

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