Chapter 17 Remedies

As Knight Commander Mordred lead her through the winding corridors Felicia became more and more certain she would easily get lost here, in fact she already had no idea of where she had come from anymore, or how she had even gotten here, actually shouldn’t the great hall have been here, she couldn’t exactly recall going up or down several flights of stairs. “You seem ill at ease, care to tell me why?”The Knight Commander’s voice was gentle, deep and melodious, yet tainted with a metallic undertone given to it by virtue of his helm. “‘Tis merely that I fear I shall not make a very good squire sir, as already I find myself lost within the halls of thine hold.” A blush worked it’s way onto her cheeks, it was rather shameful to have to admit to being lost in another’s home. “Eventually that will no longer be an issue, for now suffice it to say you are far from all you know, and will thus need to learn much. This does not make you useless, as being a squire entails learning or re-learning everything, you simply are a blank slate rather than one already filled with misguided preconceptions.” She finally recognized his calm manner of speaking, patient and calm, almost fatherly, for what it was. He was treating her as a teacher or even mentor might treat a student.

“We are here.” His voice startled her as he opened the door. “Mordred? Is that you I hear approach?” The voice was strong, yet of a higher pitch, decidedly feminine, and now hearing it directly rather than through a armour she recognized it as belonging to the black clad Knight she had spoken to earlier. before all the madness had begun.”Ah, and I hear you brought my squire, I would recognize those silent footfalls anywhere, if only because she doesn’t wear sabatons, hah oh oww no no laughing, laughing hurts.” The strong voice trailed of near the end, as if she was not used to the inconveniences brought on by her injuries.
“Now Ariadne, you should be more careful. You’ll aggravate the injury.” Felicia could discern genuine concern in the Knight Commander’s voice, in spite of the metallic undertone his helm gave it. Her head immediately started filling up with fresh questions, akin to a basin filling with water, questions she was uncertain she should ask. “Knight Commander Damodred and I have been friends for a long time, squire.” The lady knight answered the question she had been afraid of asking, and that startled her, surely she had in fact not asked? before she could speak however that question too was answered, by the Knight Commander this time.”The question was written over your entire face,child, and although honesty is an admirable trait, I believe we will have to work on that first.” His wording seemed odd to her, and seemed to carry tones that were not meant for her. “Speaking of working, Mordred could you get the damnable chirurgeon to release me from his care? I cannot abide in bed when there is work to be done! Ow damn it!” At this the Knight Commander finally drew back the curtain and for the first time Felicia looked into the face of her mentor, or as it would turn out, one of her mentors.

“What did the chirurgeon tell you? Are you allowed to move as much as you are? Are you even allowed to be on your back?” Angrily Dame Ariadne glared at him, Felicia didn’t quite understand why though, even she could tell the woman was in pain.”Milady Knight, if It pleases thee I might be able to, tend to your wound?” It was a valiant attempt at defusing the situation, and frankly she just wanted to break the tension, it reminded her of when her parents had bickered. “Fine, see what you can do with it to make the pain stop.” The statement took her by surprise, but she had dealt with injured livestock, cuts, and bruises before and had even helped the midwives when children were to be born, as her hands were tiny and slim. “I shall do my best Milady” Meanwhile she reassured herself it could not possibly be worse than say a raptor’s bite on a kerigan. It was not untill she saw the actual injury that she realized how wrong she was. “Milady, it, is not looking good, pray tell does this hurt?” she asked as she carefully pressed the bottom edge of the red crater on the woman’s back. The sound of teeth gritting was as much of an answer as she needed.
“Well that is good.” The words had left her mouth before she had been able to stop herself.”What?” It had been hissed from between clenched teeth, still there was little venom in the word itself.”It ought to bleed, and pain is good, something my mother always said was, if there is an injury, and it does not bleed, nor hurt, then you are as good as dead, for the flesh already died, later miss Emmerson had taught me why, it is as such, if a cut bleeds not then the malady will not be expelled, if it hurts not, the flesh has taken all the vile evil into itself, and has died, with an arm or leg that can be amended by removing the offending member, in the case of ones back, well I am not certain one should try removing that.” The room had remained silent, even though a new face had joined them. “Albeit a bit of a primitive viewpoint, it is not wholly wrong, a more modern translation would be, the wound must bleed, in order to wash out possible infections, bacteria and such, whereas not feeling pain may indicate nerve damage, loss of circulation, or in the provided example, necrosis of the injury, and possibly it’s surrounding tissues. However Dame Ariadne, in spite of her understanding of basic primitive medicine I must stress that she is not qualified to provide you with any form of treatment, and very much advise against, Why is no-one stopping her? You cease and desist this instant get that off of her!” Nurse Igraine yelled, while Felicia first cut into the injury, only to aply some sort of yellow paste directly to the wound immediately after all the while humming a soothing tune, and ignoring her completely.

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