Chapter 16 Squire.

Felicia stared at the pile of damaged armour before he with a look of bewilderment in her eyes, everything had been a whirlwind of unbelievable events after she had asked the one Knight if she were allowed to bother them with her curiosity. Sir Bran had whisked her of after she had interrupted the Knight’s conversation, and protected her from her fellow survivors. After that everything had gotten crazy,there had been a bright light after which she had been washed and clothed, fed and immediately after received many seemingly menial tasks, such as sharpening knives and washing clothes. Now however Sir Bran had come up with an all new task she felt  wholly incapable off, in fact she did not even understand what she was to do.
The Knight had simply put the large black armour before her and stated that she would need to tend to it, after which he had hurried off into another room muttering about how he hated to not be where he could be of better use, which frankly hurt her feelings quite a bit.

It hadn’t been until she saw the colour and patterns upon the armour that she recognized it, and remembered to whom it belonged. Thus it was with trembling hands that she started to tug the heavy parts of which she did not know the names, and lay them out side by side rather than on a single heap, at first she trembled with excitement, until she saw the blood. A thick brown crust lined a crater placed neatly centered between the shoulders, the damage started off wide, like as a dent , but had a smaller hole at its center, in which a strange metal spike seemed to be stuck, the spike itself looked as if it had molten on impact, it reminded her somewhat of a unbaked clay pot that had been stepped on, or fallen of the table prior to baking. Not knowing what else to do she took her rag, and started scrubbing off the dried blood, careful not to catch her fingers on any of the sharp edges.

The other people running past her ignored her for the most part, only acknowledging her presence by walking around her rather than into her. And though being ignored was never a good thing, at least it also meant no-one was criticizing her. Quite a welcome change from being in the stately halls where every other survivor had nothing but criticism to offer where she or her actions were concerned. That was until Sir Bran came by, and sighed. “Well I can’t say you’re not giving it your all, I guess I should have explained what to do first eh? ” Surprisingly the Knight did not yell at her or say she was doing it wrong, per se. “Come on then, lets get you to a work station, and err I guess Ill explain everything there.” She took the offered hand, and he pulled her to her feet with ease. Only when he noticed how little the girl weighed did he realize she would be unable to properly carry the heavy armour, and picked it up himself. “I’ll tell you this I sure am glad you’re not my squire girl, I reckon I would forget half of everything I ought to teach you, or constantly keep forgetting you’re not as strong as a knight is.” Felicia frowned, she hadn’t expected such a remark, her being a squire? Since when did girls do that? Since when could girls do that? All decent questions, instead she asked: “If I am not thine squire, then to whom am I apprenticed?” The Knight did not break stride as he started to place the armour pieces onto the work station.”You are apprenticed to Dame Ariadne, of the order of the shield, Second in command of Knight Commander Damodred, I don’t know how you did it, but congratulations girl.” Felicia stared at the plate again, as Sir Bran took her rag from her.” All in all you didn’t do a bad job girl, not how you should have gone about it, but you got the blood off, and that’s impressive, I guess keep cleaning the armour, make it so repairs can be made by the smiths, that means using the red liquid, oh that still stinks, and this cloth, to get the grease off, then rub it with this cloth to dry it, if a stain wont come off, soaps here, and here’s a brush, don’t worry about the paint for now, if it comes off that’s good, if it doesn’t, no problem, the smith won’t mind.”Felicia took the time to study the materials, noting the red stuff reeked of cat piss, the soap however seemed entirely scent less, still she hoped she wouldn’t have to use it, as the block seemed pristine and as of yet unused, perhaps she could find some left overs if she had to.

She was about to ask about it when she noticed she was alone again, whatever was keeping Sir Bran busy must have been mighty important, as he kept abandoning her. For a moment she feared the villagers would find her and give her an ear-full over running off and becoming a squire without permission. Until a large form moved from the shadows seeming to emerge from a solid wall, and approached her. She held her breath, then remembered everyone ignored her anyway, and was about to return to cleaning the armour when a familiar masculine voice brought her attention back to the giant in the shade. “You, Felicia, was it?” She could only nod, any thoughts of asking about soap far from her mind. “Your mentor will be alright, have they shown you to her chambers yet?” She shook her head. “well you ought be at her side, the armour looks good enough, follow me, that’s an order.” And with those words Knight Commander Mordred Damodred changed her life forever.

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