Chapter 15

A blinding white light filled Dame Ariadne’s field of vision as she opened her eyes, not remembering having closed them. “Ah good,your awake, I was starting to wonder when you would open those lookers of yours, yes, well now then, tell me how you feel.” The familiar sense of dread jumped into her mind as the voice of the chirurgeon boomed from somewhere to the left of her head, quickly she assessed her state in order to present the saw-bones with an adequate answer, anything to get away from him would do “I feel a little groggy, but otherwise well enough?” She hadn’t meant for it to sound like a question, but the chirurgeons always made her nervous. “Hmmgood, yes, very good, and your toes, wiggle them for me?” the man had caught her by surprise and steamrolled over her as only an authority figure could, as she caught herself doing so before thinking of it.
“No loss in functionality this is good, yes. Lift your arm please.” Irritation started to rise, especially as her mind was still foggy, and she despised it when anyone tried to order her around, still she did comply. Even if only to grab that blasted saw-bones by the collar, and consecutively drag him towards her face.”Listen up little man, I am a Knight and deserve to be treated accordingly! now tell me what you’re doing or so help me I will have you flogged!”The words had come out before she knew she was angry, her mind truly was not in the best pace, and she already regretted speaking. “Ah, good, at least motion is retained in the right arm, yes, wonderful. And refined motor-skill also seems quite adequate, yes. Now the other arm please. Dame.” The words were spoken calmly. As if the man was used to Knights abusing him, a terrifying thought. She set the man back down and attempted the same maneuver with her left hand, it felt numb, and she actually saw that she hurt the man. So she dropped him. “Aghk! Well the left arm seems to be a bit worse for wear, yes. Nothing a little therapy can’t fix rest assured, or in this case, a little rest, yes.” Gently the man pressed her back into the bed. “Why is my arm numb?” The question was direct and not easy to avoid. “Well, the numbness is caused by the swelling on your nerves, there are currently six minor bruises that are preventing a proper flow of signals between your arm and your brain, although frankly its a miracle that it only blocks the signals to and from your arm, hello, I am Nurse Igraine. ” A lance of pain pressed into Ariadne’s spine as she twisted to regard the plain looking woman, she could be pretty, but not in the harsh light of the med bay, nor in the unflattering attire of a nurse. “Before you ask, you are back on the Sword, it was my understanding Knight Commander Damodred did not trust the automated medical facilities back on the Camelot. Also, please refrain from excessive motion, your injuries were  more severe than you had told your comrades, you will make a full recovery,in time.”With those words the nurse turned on her heel, and simply left, forcing Ariadne to either deal with the socially inept saw-bones, or remain silent as she processed the information through the slowly lifting fog of anaesthetics that was currently still playing tricks on her.

The chambers were only dimly lit, he much preferred it that way  as it saved power.”Sir, are you certain it is a good idea to be soldering in a dimly lit area?” Of course Gwenn never agreed to that specific part of his preferences albeit that this time she might be right. “Would you prefer I did not solder a barrier for you Gwenn?” He didn’t want to admit just yet, he knew she was right, and she knew he knew that, it was the sort of thing that made him appreciate the A.I.’s design all the more, yet it also made him more wary of using her too much. It worried him that he would eventually cut himself off from the outside world, from other Knights, his eternal companion would never judge him wrongly, misinterpret his words, or pick a fight with him over some silly jest. He shook his head as he turned the light up. “Thank you, Sir, I must admit I am more than a little nervous about this, I was never meant to interface with an entire ship on such a invasive scale and I fear the Camelots defenses might erase or worse, corrupt me.” He reminded himself she was merely a program, coding on a screen, she did not really need the reassurances he could give her. “That is why we will make a back up copy of you before running the interface, that way you will be preserved and rebooted to a state just before doing so, and the least will be lost in case something goes wrong, you know with the physical firewall.” Truth was he was not certain his plan would work, maybe it would be better if someone with more skill in this particular area did it for him, then again it was Gwenn34’s design. “Remind me why we are doing this again?” He smirked at his own question, he knew it had been his idea, but right now, it wasn’t as much asking for validation as it was about taking his mind of the possible risks, especially those involving his failure to solder the next circuit in place properly. “We are doing this to determine the cause of the illogical location of the Camelot, as any simulation I could run would involve more than six impossibilities and would surely break the known laws of physics. As such I am going to retrieve the flight data, and then we get to see if I would be even remotely able to decipher it, honoustly Sir I doubt there would be anything of use in there, I mean short of a black hole there would be nothing powerful enough to suck a ship out of course.”Mordred felt his left eyebrow twitch as the pieces fell together, and he pressed the soldering iron through the circuitboard

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