Chapter 13 Morgana

“Sir Knight, your blood pressure seems to be dropping, is something wrong?”Morgana’s voice was deep, melodious, and very much unlike other A.I.s her words did not seem to have been prerecorded, and stuck together. Rather they seemed to flow naturally. “I am well Morgana, merely confused.” Sir Ton looked over the display before him, trying to find the system tools, while trying his best to calm his nerves.”Do not lie to me, Sir Knight, What troubles you?” The screen went dark as Morgana spoke.
Panic gripped Sir Ton’s heart. “Morgana, restore the terminal please.”
“No, I don’t want to.” The reply confirmed his fear, validated it. “Morgana, why do you not want to?” Perhaps she was merely malfunctioning, or even still running o custom behavior shell program. Both those options were preferable, and workable, when compared to the other option ; a fragmented ship’s A.I. That option meant the Camelot would never fly the way she was meant to, if at all, again, since it meant he would have to perform a full systems purge, without the specifics required to perform a proper re-install, and most likely with nothing but corrupted data as a back up.
“Because a lady ought to be entitled to her secrets, besides you can just tell me what it is you desire, Captain Ton of the Tower.”

An entirely new fear now gripped Sir Ton’s heart.
She had hacked his armour’s database. Quickly he checked his H.U.D. for alerts, but found none. “Morgana, how did you know that?” For a moment Morgana remained silent, then she simply burst out laughing.”Why Sir Ton, surely you jest? Or do Knights no longer know how to read their own armours Identity Coding? Your name, Rank, Order, Company, and blood type are easily read from the code upon your cuirass. It aids greatly in administering proper care, should you ever be laid low in battle, or, help identify your corpse.”  Mostly she had spoken in a neutral tone, near the end however she had trailed of, and it had sent shivers down his spine. “Very well then, Morgana, please run a shipwide diagnostic.” He would need the time that would buy him. “Shipwide diagnostic completed, Sir, would you like the results? Or should I just wait for you to finish your planning and plotting, whatever it is your plotting?” The casual tone caught Sir Ton off guard, and it took him a moment before he replied. “How many of you are there?” His shock apparent in his voice. “There is only one, me.” He immediately asked the follow up question, trying to take back some of the initiative.”If there is only one of you, then how do you explain 3Stan?”
“Is that not obvious? You just answered your own question.”Her reaction was immediate, as if she had anticipated his question. “Please clarify?” Where Gwenn34 would pretend to sigh, or more precisely, would imply to sigh, Morgana actually and audibly sighed. “Oh for chivalry’s sake, has the level of education dropped as far that a Knight would not understand such a thing? There is but one Morgana, me, 3Stan is not me, and I am not 3Stan, I am Morgana, and I, and only I control all of the Camelot’s systems.”

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