Chapter 8 Meetings in dark places

She had stumbled a few paces before hitting something, and what she had hit had felt at once hard and insanely fragile, after that there was a gap in her mind. Now she found herself holding a large gun, and pointing it at a man across the hallway, a man with both his hands raised.

It had been the fastest Mordred had ever seen a normal woman move, one moment she bowled out of a training room, and into the corpse of a Knight,the next she had somehow picked up his fallen gun, rolled into a crouch while priming it, checked the chamber and subsequently aimed it squarely at his chest. He was, to say it mildly, moderately impressed. However he was also not in the least bit concerned, the only reason he raised his hands was to show her that he meant her no harm, yet.

She did not know what was going on, for a moment she strained her memory,everything was there, the strange room, the wall, the door that opened and then the man with his hands up in the air like some sort of laundry lady holding a sheet before hanging it to dry. Slowly she rose to her feet.”Hello?” She blinked, the stranger had spoken clearly, even without a mouth, it seemed, wrong.”You are wrong!”She had yelled it before even realizing she wanted to.”Why?” It sounded genuinely confused. “Or rather,about what am I wrong?” Without realizing she lowered her weapon as she stepped towards this strange tall man.”You speak with no mouth! That is wrong.”Mordred took a moment to keep himself from laughing loudly,as it seemed inappropriate, before replying. “I speak through my helmet, it hides my mouth.”For a moment he worried this girl did not understand what a helmet was, especially when he saw her face contort as she struggled with what he had just told her, until she spoke again.”How does the sound come through?” Sir Ton evidently had more trouble hiding his amusement concerning the poor child’s ignorance, as he burst out in laughter. This seemed to break whatever it was that had made her lower her guard, as she immediately moved to fire a round of at the aforementioned knight’s head, a round that, had her gun not jammed, would have surely taken said head clean off. to her surprise however the Knight did not try to duck, or take the gun away, instead he looked at her (she guessed, as she couldn’t really determine it well in the dark) and stopped laughing. “My apologies, I did not mean to offend you.” She let the words sink in, he was obviously not afraid of her, yet he had apologized, never before had a bigger one even so much as acknowledged her existence, let alone said he was sorry. It was at that moment that Mordred disarmed her, like it was an afterthought, Pinning her to the ground with a single knee as he examined the gun. “you forgot to take the safety off, sloppy.” He then casually handed it to the third member of his party, a much larger man, who somehow seemed to stick it to his leg.

Turg watched it unfold, he would have to run fast to surprise the three larger orks, but he had superior numbers on his side, if they could just knock one of them over and give them a good scare, they would know not to mess with the wall clan. he whispered the order to rush the large ones, checking to see the others nod, he was their leader, but he wouldn’t force them to do his bidding, he always hated bosses who had done so. they took a deep breath, readied the four knives they had, and charged. Those big orks wouldn’t know what had hit them.
Except those big orks, weren’t orks at all, they were Knights and not just any old Knights either, they were the proud few, the very best of their respective orders, examples to whom was referred by teachers as they instructed their knaves, each a hero in their own right. Yet even if they had not been, the fight was over before it had even started, the H.U.D. already alerting the three Knights before the knives had been readied. Thus in seconds the wall clan found themselves on the floor tied like fresh meat, only the first of the three having moved.

The courage of these children had surprised Mordred, surely they must have known it was futile, hopeless even? aside from the idea of refugees attacking their saviors being ludicrous, then again they had been in a sealed off deck, could these mere children be the wandering ragged forms he had seen on the wall? they were certainly human, awfully dirty humans but still humans. He would simply have to await Gwenn34’s analysis. Despite suspecting they just might be. “More knaves to be had I suppose, at least they have shown either bravery or supreme stupidity.” Sir Ton was as gentle as ever, which was to say, not at all. “Good, your order could use some new blood.” Mordred immediately replied, shutting Sir Ton up in embarrassment.  “Well then, Sir Mordred, if that means the matter of the breach is settled, I do believe there are more pressing concerns at present”Ariadne cut in, causing the  entire wall clan to gasp in utter surprise.

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