Chapter 7 The Way

Just like that Turg had made his own clan.  And although it should have made him feel uneasy he was actually quite proud and happy to belong to something again. But with that out of the way he had time to asses the state of his fledgling clan, and it was not very promising. They had water and some food, well very little food, three candles some rope and four short knives between them, aside from the scraps of clothes on their backs. It also did not help that they all originated from different areas,Findling for one used to be hookclaw, meaning she had come from the mountain areas, she must have had different customs than him which would have them arguing in no time at all, over no doubt stupid and insignificant things. “Turg, we should not stay here.” Findling had used his name as an equal would, yet her words had no sharp edges as Turg had grown accustomed to hearing in the words of his former clansmen, perhaps it would all be alright after all.

“Why not?”one of the nameless asked, a short tired looking  rag of a boy, his hair was a dusty brown, eyes slightly slanted. Turg instinctively wanted to call him Squint, or maybe Raggs, much to his surprise both he and Findling answered him, with the same words. “because staying still is not our way, it is not safe ” After which Findling added.”it is the one who does not move that gets left behind, or beaten by the bigs.”Turg frowned, he had not considered his fathers teachings to be so literal.yet they seemed to fit just right.

“Scytherops tracks detected, no direct life signs apparent, Knight Commander Damodred, The blood stains and corpses seem to be very old, I believe the killings may have been the reason The Camelot has been lost sir.” Gwenn34 was trying to ease his mind, still her words did make sense, there was dust on the Armour splayed out in front of him, the Knight wearing it had tried to seal the bulkhead, and had succeeded in doing so, the hole through his chest however suggested that the scytherops had not been stopped by the blast door, carefully Mordred took to examining the door before him, strong enough to withstand the force of a decompressing deck, not strong enough to stop a single monster? It hardly seemed possible, let alone logical. “Sir? May I ask, what are you looking for?”Sir Ton sounded ill at ease, as if he dreaded the answer Mordred chose not to provide.”The Commander is reading the area Ton, you know better than to expect him to answer you before he is done.”Mordred frowned at the tiny dent on the door. “How did it kill you, Victor?”He had muttered the words, still Sir Ton picked them up.”A scytherops tore his innards out Sir.” At these words Mordred stood, and turned to re examine the hallway they had traversed, all the bodies had been roughly facing towards this point, Sir Victor had died while manually closing the blast door, a hole through his chest, not a scratch on the door, not near the floor, nor the middle or even the top, just a tiny dent, which had it not been for Gwenn34 scanning with him, would have been overlooked.”Sir, if it’s all the same to you, I would rather hunt the beast that did this than stand here trying to figure out who killed who with what.” Sir Ton sounded irritable, good. “Exactly!”Mordred rounded on Sir ton, in two steps the distance between them was gone, the pommel of Merlin bunting into Sir Ton’s cuirass. “That is precisely the case old friend!”Mordred sounded like he had just solved a equation, and couldn’t wait to explain, still Sir Ton did not appreciate the sudden attack, albeit a mock attack.”Sir! I do implore you not to attack me! am I not your fellow? ” Mordred nodded. “Indeed you are, and therefor I surprised you, and your back was not turned, was it? And Sir Ton, what would dent yet not scratch a blast door?” Mordred could see Sir Ton stiffen as the realization dawned on him. “What you are implying, it, that could not be!” Mordred pointed at the corpse of Sir Victor, then knelt and rolled it over, showing the plating on his back, the hole was nearly the same as the front, its diameter slightly larger, plating bent into the injury instead of outwards. “A Knight did this.” The words had been Ariadnes, yet they had all felt them. “So, what of the door?” Mordred looked to Sir ton again, he knew who did this, but could not yet accept it. “Open it, and do not worry, there will not be a beast beyond, and if there is, it will be dead of old age.” All the same Ariadne gripped her shield tighter, edging closer to Mordred as Sir Ton forced the blast door open, much the same way as it had been sealed, manually.

Thirty Heartbeats long they had tried to find out all they could of the room, all they knew now was that it was full of far too heavy weapons that wouldn’t even fire anyway, large knives that couldn’t even cut, and iron walls that looked like mountain stone but weren’t, they had ended up in a strange place indeed.”Turg” He looked up, and before he knew it replied.”Yes Raggs? ” The boy beamed in glee, before proudly declaring “Think I found something.”They all immediately rushed over to see, a crack in the smooth wall running unnaturally straight, then at an impossibly sharp corner turned sideways twice before returning to the ground. “I think you did, looks like we maybe move this.” The boy Raggs looked like he could not be prouder. “Good job, I will move it.” Findling slammed bodily into the shape, putting all the force she could muster into the full body blow, and that was as it turned out by far too much force to open the unlocked door, as it immediately swung wide open at the lightest touch of Findlings shoulder, causing Findling to launch herself headfirst into the darkness beyond.

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