Chapter 4 Camelot Besieged

It was with a Heavy heart he had made the long journey to the outer battlements of the Camelot, and Often had he needed the help of the knights that seemed to accompany Mordred everywhere, and all that time no further words had been spoken.
Or at least not to him.
Mordred in the meanwhile envied his former mentor, albeit only in the slightest way, since he had not had to listen to Sir Ton’s incessant complaints concerning the state of affairs (especially concerning the chain of command around a King). Ariadne meanwhile was making the most of the spare time by reviewing as much data about the so called monsters beyond the gate. “Sir, the Ork attackers seem to have missiles as well as short range ballistic weapons, however there seem to be few armored targets, if I may speak frankly?” Mordred nearly hadn’t noticed that Ariadne had spoken up. “you may, as always” That last minute addition nearly made Sir Ton trip. “Sir the lack of armored targets bothers me, it seems to easy, much like the battle at Elysium Gate.”Mordred immediately cut in. “Where the understaffed regiment of our foe went into battle without gear or guns, only to reveal an enormous war machine moments later, nearly costing us a victory? I agree it reeks of a trap.”
Sir Ton frowned briefly contemplating his fellow Knight’s words, if the foe had no armor fighting them would be akin to merely tossing live mice into a blender, bloody, loud, and ultimately pointless, surely the enemy would know this? He was about to remark on his contemplation when Arthur spoke up.”You forget that their hides are thicker than human skin, or that they heal rapidly, all though in this case I think the foe you see is merely a distraction, the true foe hides behind.”
Arthur’s words irritated Sir Ton visibly, all though perhaps the irritation came more from his timing than anything else. Knight Commander Mordred was about to ask Arthur what he meant, when he caught sight of Sir Ton’s stance, the tell tale marks the man was about to lose his temper evident to none but him.
As a result he directed a question to the Knight of the Tower instead of humoring Arthur. “Sir Ton, how would the Tower solve my current problem?” The man straightened at his words, vigor seeming to flow back into him. still Mordred was certain few people would have recognized the gesture. “My Commander, I would like to suggest,” Sir Ton paused, his manner of warfare was usually frowned upon by other Knights, often calling his men castle breakers or even envoys of destruction.”You would like to suggest?” Mordred pulled him out of his thoughts. “Sir, I would like to just turn the Camelot’s engines on, full speed, burn them all.” Mordred smiled, the plan was simple and utterly lacking in elegance, yet deadly efficient.
“You would be mistaken if you believed that would work, boy.” the venom in Arthur’s voice took Mordred by surprise, the punch Sir Ton landed squarely in Arthur’s face did not, nor did he move to interfere. “Call me a boy again you wretch, I dare you!” Ariadne stepped between the two, her heavy battle-plate easily disarming Arthur’s rage. “Enough, sire apologize.” Arthur’s face fell low. Yet he did not comply.

Turg had been with the horde his entire life, both his parents had been too, until his father died of old age, and his mother had fallen of the edge of the world. Turg had cried that day, the pain had been enough to make the war-leader take away his weapon to prevent him from joining the dead, now Throg, the war-leader had called him to sneak into the human stronghold. Turg had not dared turn him down, but now as he looked up at the enormous stone sides of the human’s hiding place, he simply had no idea how to get in.
Looking behind him he could see the tents, his people milling about, cooking fires shining their dull light. in front of him the perfectly smooth stone wall. At first he had tried climbing it by running, the wall had been to steep and the others had laughed. Then he tried carving hand-holds, his knife was now useless, the wall was, lightly, scratched, not enough to get a grip.
he had tried throwing a rope, but the longest rope thrown by their best thrower didn’t reach past half the wall’s height. So he resolved to walk round the structure until he, hopefully, might find a way into or over the wall.

The tension between Sir Ton and Arthur had managed to peak, the two now walked on either side of Ariadne and Mordred respectively, there had been no apologies, no explanations either.
Mordred had just privately hailed Dame Ariadne hoping to discuss something of value. “By the oath, he is like a petulant child, Mordred tell me he was not always like this?” The shock was heavy in her voice, and frankly he understood it quite well. “The times were different, but he used to be just and noble not like this, no.” He could hear her sigh. “Well he better be useful in the coming battle at least” ¬†Mordred frowned as he realized that Arthur might just be, a nuisance. He himself often wondered about the legendary Knight’s prowess on the battlefield, it seemed to beggar belief, yet he knew the stories and more importantly he knew they were true. “I would not worry too much, the Camelot is Arthurs ship, he knows her best, all though I would have him explain himself, at present he is unwell, his injury unhealed, I worry his mind might have frayed as well.” he saw the tiny motions of the heavily armored Knight, a minute drop in her shoulder height, she too feared the worst. “We should have our chirurgeon look into it, it might be simple dissociation, or an after effect to the treatment. what worries me is why he was in the cryo-tomb in the first place.” Gwenn34 chimed before posing her own question “What I would like to know is where the other Knights are.”

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