Chapter 3 Avalon

First and foremost in his mind was the cold. He never had felt such cold in his previous life. Then again he also had not been in space before either, well not before becoming a knight, still the cold here was unnerving. “Am I to assume something, the landing perhaps, Jostled the Atmos engine?” It seemed unlikely, yet he did not recall the halls of Avalon ever being this cold.
“it appears as if the halls are indeed colder than nominal” Gwenn34 piped up, almost managing to sound giddy. “I believe the Knight Commander wishes you to determine the cause thereof.” Sir Ton of the Tower, ever one to quip, specified. To everyone’s surprise Gwenn34’s reply was laden with childish annoyance. “For one, no eavesdropping, for the rest, how should I know?! There are like a million things wrong!”Sir Ton smiled to himself, knowing he had gotten a rise out of the A.I. then calmly asked. “Such as?” “Well The Camelot did not land, it was never meant for atmospheric flight in the first place.” Gwenn34 had regained her composure within a second, and now merely read out facts, doubtlessly computing a means to strike back while doing so. “How so?” Sir ton continued. “Her engines would ignite the atmosphere, raining fire upon all destroying the planet and all traces of life upon it.” There it was, she sounded snooty, as if to her an infant would posses such knowledge.
“so, she crashed?” Ariadne ventured. “Negative, as that would have caused similar devastation, including the destruction of The Camelot itself.” Mordred noticed Gwenn34’s evasive answers, indicating she had a theory, one she did not want to share. “Gwenn, tell us, no dodging.”Yes Knight Commander Sir, The Camelot seems to have collected meteorites Sir.” He had upset her, as he had expected. “That explains a few things,”Sir ton said as he shook his head, “yet it has nothing to do with our present predicament does it?” Mordred frowned before speaking. “Gwenn34 is implying the ship’s Atmos engine is fully functioning Sir Ton” “Beg your pardon Knight Commander?” “Meteorites don’t have atmosphere?” “No, still what does that..?”Gwenn34 interrupted, not allowing Sir Ton further embarrassment.”Sir’s the cause of the cold seems apparent now, as scans indicate high levels of Protos.” Protos a drug to aid in suspending animation,usually pumped into the Cryo-tombs to preserve a Knights sanity as his body repaired itself. If the levels were this high there wasn’t much time, a broken suspension tube could, if given priority by the ship’s A.I. freeze the ship over. “Spread out, find the leak!” Of course if there was a siege and a distress call to draw away the A.I.’s attention while it worked to save lives, either the ships computer would be insane or the wounded Knight would have been taken off the priority list. “Knight Commander!, it is here!” Mordred’s worst fear became reality as he recognized the Cryo-tomb in question, the ship doing her best to save Arthur, her King and Captain.

The first thing in his mind was the cold, always the blasted cold, then a searing pain as the darkness and fog lifted from it. Immediately he understood something was wrong; the cold was expected, the pain was not, after all his tomb in the halls of deck Avalon ought to have mended his ailments, it should not allow him to wake otherwise.
So pondering his vision returned, blurry at first the vestiges of his mind only slowly connecting to his senses it seemed to take forever before Knight Mordred came into focus.
He remembered his former squire well, and now for this boy to see him laid low, it was unthinkable! And so mighty Arthur rose from resting. “once more into the fray then, eh old boy?” His voice sounded hoarse. “At ease, Sir Arthur, please” Mordred pleaded , more humble than his fellows had come to know him.
“Since when does Arthur obey Mordred? There must be a story or two I missed. You might have been Knighted my boy, but I am still Your King! Am I not?” Arthur said as he nigh dragged himself from the Cryo-tomb. Mordred meanwhile bowed his head as he considered, briefly, the right course of action. Allowing Arthur to believe even if but for a second that he would apologize for his (as Arthur perceived it) Impudence.
Instead of doing so Mordred had decided a path of honesty was the right path.
“You are not.” The voice was deep, filled with authority, it demanded respect. Mordred’s face was that of a seasoned Knight, the face of a man others might follow.
Still Arthur opened his mouth to speak in defiance, Mordred however did not let him. “Arthur, I am not bound to your court any longer, I am at present the Knight Commander, ever since The Camelot went missing I have acted as the highest authority within the Last order, Lord Arthur you may command The Camelot, but not me, you may advise, you may disagree but you SHALL obey.” Arthur went silent, the words Mordred had uttered were, illogical he a King obeying a mere whelp? the entire last order at Mordred’s beck and call? “Who decreed thus?” It was token resistance, Arthur knew it, he dreaded the answer. “Dame Aria De Griffin, High commander of the knights, benevolent protector of humanity, your commander, our liege.” Arthur finally ceased his pathetic attempts at clambering upright. “So, congratulations are in order are they not? Mordred surpasses Arthur, bravo, well done I shall just remain here as a forgotten relic then.” Sir Ton frowned at Arthur’s childish petulance, then dragged him to his feet. “You insolent old man! Knight Commander Mordred mounted four crusades to find your carcass! He spoke at length to us about the nobility of Mighty Arthur!” Arthur Cringed, preparing to be manhandled. “Enough sir Ton, let Arthur get his bearings, I am sure he will be the man we came to save, eventually” Ariadne interrupted. “Besides, we have a siege to break”At Mordred’s words , Arthur went pale.

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