Chapter 2 The Assembly

They had reached the surface without complications, unusual in itself yet not unheard of, as normally at least some unknown planetary factor would fumble up some of the myriad complex calculations that governed teleportation. One might consider luck as a factor, and as such while some of the younger less experienced Knights thanked their fortune for not becoming a part of the local architecture as the first results came in, stating most of the locals spoke in an ancient Earthen tongue, and as luck would have it it was the same as theirs.

Knight Commander Mordred Damodred smirked as he heard the chatter of the people they had come to defend, hushed whispers, carefully picked words, a subconscious effort made not to offend. Truth be told it all worried him, all though he couldn’t quite put his finger on the reason it did. A younger Knight interrupted his musings with his report. “Sir, we have successfully made it across, All though, Sir, we cannot at present determine the state of The Camelot’s defenses.” “The Camelot holds, brother, it always does, I would rather know the state of her Commander.” “My Lord?” Sometimes the younger knights irked him, especially when it concerned matters any squire ought to know, if not matters easily accessed via Gwen34. “What is the state of the Commander of The Camelot? ” the younger Knight merely stared at him, his posture showing minute signs of stress, before he repeated a confused “My Lord?” Incredibly enough further testing his patience still. Rapidly Mordred consulted his H.U.D. ” Yes Brother Gerhardt, and call me Sir or Commander, I am not a Noble” Brother Gerhardt paused, there had been a hint of annoyance in the Knight Commander’s voice. “Who would that be, Sir?” The moment the question had passed the young man’s lips Gwen34 shut off all of Mordred’s outgoing signals, preventing his voice from reaching beyond his helm of command.”Mordred, I am detecting an elevation of your blood pressure, yet I am currently not sensing any enemies.”she had managed to sound worried.”I am merely Irritated Gwen. Please re-open outgoing signals?”He waited for the click, collecting his calm, when it came he inhaled sharply, before posing a question to his younger brother Knight.
“What is it we teach our squires these days? That they know not of The Camelot, That a full fledged Knight asks of me, who is the commander of The Camelot? Next thing you know you’ll tell me you’ve never heard of Gwen34!”
He realized as his voice boomed out that he had lost his temper after all.
“Sire, my apologies, yet surely you jest?” Mordred realized Gwen34 must have dampened his voice in some manner, nonetheless he allowed silence to fall as his ire rose.
“Sir? your silence troubles the  squires” His most trusted friend, Sergeant Ariadne pulled him from his thoughts, slowly the Knight commander turned away from brother Gerhardt, to see the hulking black clad form of his friend approach, skull markings noting her successful campaigns.
“Sergeant?”It had come out colder than he had intended. If Ariadne had noticed she did a good job at hiding it, acting as if this was commonplace between them, Mordred regretted it nonetheless. “As I am certain Brother Gerhardt must now realize. You do not jest, perhaps he was knighted too hastily?” Not many Knights could utter such words without fearing for reprimands. Ariadne however was one of the proud few who could.
“I am inclined to agree, however now might not be the best time to discus brother Gerhardts standing as a Knight.” Brother Gerhardt seemed to shrink, physically taking a half step back as if he had suffered a blow.
“As it stands, Ariadne, your team seems to me as the only group capable of locating Mighty Arthur” His voice had sounded tired, like that of a man twice his age.
A small chime alerted him of a private hail, three high one low two high, Ariadnes call mark.”Acknowledge private hail.”It was almost as if Gwenn34 sighed, normally all Ariadne’s hails would automatically be acknowledged ,battle protocols however prevented this, more than once Gwen 34 had complained and objected to this, arguing that it cost valuable time, and caused undue hindrance, Mordred was starting to agree.
“Mordred, it does not sit well with me to , leave you without my, without our protection.”
Mordred heaved an involuntary sigh.”All though I appreciate the sentiment, Ariadne, I do not see why you worry so.” as he spoke and Ariadne checked her reports, Little Felicia, who had followed her piped up.”Excuse me Sir Knight? I couldn’t help overhearing, might I aid thee? ” Mordred frowned,and opened his general outgoing communications again Ariadne stiffened, she had not noticed the girl following her.”very well, child, what have you to say? “The girl smiled”Sir, it was Mighty Arthur ye had spoken of? If so I might know where he rests.” she seemed uncertain, still any ideas might help. “speak up then” Mordred took to a knee “and enlighten us” he noticed her swallowing, gathering her nerve, her heart raced, a slight sheen of sweat on her skin, breathing rapidly, and yet she did not seem to lie as she answered him. “I was listening where I oughtn’t Sir, and the spirit told the adults that he lies sleeping, in the halls of Avalon Sir.” The girl shook with terror, Gwen34 warned that some of the survivors were getting upset,possibly hostile. “What is your name, child?”The mood seemed to settle as the Knights closed ranks, the girl calming now she couldn’t see the adults. “Felicia Sir Knight” Mordred made a gesture to one of his officers. “This is one of my Brother Knights, Sir Bran, he is in charge of you until we have dealt with the threats beyond the walls, listen to him.”Then as he rose again he addressed Ariadne once more. “It would seem you may count yourself lucky sergeant, these new developments call for a proper escort.” Mordred depressed the ship-wide communications button and waited for Gwenn34 to connect, a bit of a gamble really as he was unaware of The Camelot’s communications status.”All Knights to the walls! Man the battlements! The Camelot is under siege! Lets do our duty! Knights of the proud few with me! It is time to raise a king!” as Mordred’s voice boomed out across the halls of The Camelot his Knights raised their weapons in salute before running to the battlements, five companies rushing to posts, attending duties meant for a legion.

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