Chapter 1 :Arrival at Camelot.

Knight Commander Damodred smiled, not because of how his men had immediately sprang into motion, as he usually would, no this time his smile was caused by the origin of the distress call, The Camelot, a fortress pattern battle ship, lost with all hands due to unknown causes.
The ship that held their order’s greatest heroes, and more importantly, Their Lord Commander.
Ever since the order had been adrift, going from one distress call to the next, all the time heeding the last command their Lord Commander had given them; to give hope to the hopeless, shield the weak,and strike down the enemies of mankind.

Calmly with a clear goal in his hearts and mind he took up his halberd, secured his munitions, and finally donned his commanders helm. For a brief moment there was darkness, and with it silence, he took this time to clear his thoughts, his brothers often joked about how he would stand stock still, head inclined, calling it a knight’s prayer, others less jokingly named it meditation, he himself couldn’t care less as long as it worked. Slowly he activated the helm’s operating system, lights sparked, and the world reappeared around him, as a gentle voice  drew his attention.
“Welcome back, Knight Commander Damodred, your armour is functioning well within recommended parameters.” “Thank you Gwenn34, and please just call me Mordred,as previously requested. “”Certainly, what are our current objectives?”she had responded with a speed that, in others, would border on being impolite, or over eagerness, he would have to have a talk with her about the annoyance point, or perhaps proper etiquette, for now however they had more pressing issues to discuss. “Recovery of The Camelot, followed by the destruction of mankind’s enemies.” “Understood adapting heads up displays opening communications reception.” Not many of the orders of Knights could claim usage of a suit bound operating system as refined as Gwen34, but Mordred often found himself thinking that might be a good thing, as Gwenn34 could be quite a chatterbox, well outside of missions at least. “You seem distressed, would you like to talk?”There it was, the chatting.”I am merely excited, are the preliminary scan results in yet?” “Aliens, ork strain, the use of ballistic weaponry confirmed, good hunting Knight Commander” with those words the teleporter activated whisking the Knight Commander to The Camelot.

All were gathered in the halls when the Spirit’s promise came true. Mighty Knights strode forth from the great hall, some borne upon mighty steeds of metal, pole-armed Knights knelt as one with a more ornate armour walked amongst them
Strange lights flashed into life, illuminating the many red armours, shining of the copper right arms of some, seemingly borne as a badge of honour, or perhaps to show personal ties of friendship and brotherhood, Little Felicia didn’t know, yet.
But she was determined to find out, and so she ran to the nearest giant, paying as much attention to detail as she could, comparing it to the others, questions forming as she went. “Greetings Sir Knight!”The black clad giant, distinctly different from most of the others inclined it’s head in acknowledgement. “May I bother thee with my curiosity?” The giant paused, seemingly considering her words, then knelt. Surprisingly however it held a finger over Felicia’s lips as a rather feminine sounding voice told her simply “Later.”


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