Silently the age old vessel slid, like a well oiled knife, through the vast void of space. It’s prow devoid of paint faintly shone with the reflections of numerous alien stars, the hull pitted with small impact craters, yet otherwise wel maintained. Relatively small lateral thrusters, normally dormant were glowing with residual heat, as the warship made minor course adjustments, sturdy hatches along the sides of the vessel betrayed where her ordnance laid in waiting.

Several hours of travel ahead, and utterly unaware of the vessel’s approach the people of a long forgotten world lived and fought. Today in particular they fought. Beset by foe’s on four fronts the human population struggled to endure, five days earlier they had all (all that were left that is) retreated to a single city built like a fortress. Camelot, it had been a city of legend to most of them, a place from childhood stories; “In Camelot Mighty Arthur rules, protector of his people, it is to his example we look, and in our time of need most dire, it is to Camelot we most go!” A phrase all the survivors knew, a beacon of hope to keep them going. And the old stories had not been wrong.

Camelot had been found, and offered them a place of refuge,It’s age old doors crunching open as soon as they had sought entry, it’s enormous walls of unknown materials shielding them from the outrageous weaponry their foes had brought to bear. Truly a magical place, riddled with spirits, for occasionally a disembodied feminine voice would warn them for ” incoming missile fire” after which she would declare ” initiating defensive counter-measures” however, Mighty Arthur could not be found.

So on the second day of their stay a small group went to the pond where the spirit had been heard most often. It was a well like structure, it’s surface unnaturally smooth, the water within glowing a bright blue. And no sooner had they asked, or the pond had indeed answered “Entombed in the halls of Avalon Mighty Arthur lies sleeping” Desperately then they cried “Who then will save us? Who would protect us from the monsters?” To this the spirit simply replied; “Request for aid processed, contacting Knights” causing the pond to flicker and dim until it shone no more, that is until the fifth day came and all throughout Camelot the spirit’s words could be heard as she announced “Igniting beacons, all civilians are required to assemble in their designated resting area’s, Last Order of Knights inbound”

“The aliens are as of yet unaware of our arrival, Knight Commander.”
“As it should be brother. No-one knows when the Sword of Damocles will come for them, from whence came the call for aid?”
“does it matter?” There was obvious shock in the knight’s voice, to think his Lord Commander would discriminate between men! “Of course it does, you ought know better than asking, where else would we strike, than near the survivors? a swift extraction might be impossible otherwise.” Relief washed over the knight, in spite of the harsh tone he was put at ease. “My apologies Lor” the Knight commander cut him off “NO, I am the Knight Commander, not a Noble lord, nor am I the Lord Commander, and before you ask the terms are indeed NOT interchangeable, now carry on.” The knight swallowed hard before starting anew, keenly aware of his mistake, although he had previously not even known of a difference in the titels, “my apologies, Knight commander, The call was issued,,”for the first time he read the last line of the missive, the one specifying it’s point of origin, had he been a lesser man he would likely have fainted, or suddenly started stuttering the words as he would have turned pale, however he merely paused for too long before continuing “from The Camelot Sir, Issued by it’s tactical center.” Before he turned pale.
“I see.” A pause , ever so slight, even the Knight Commander was not left unaffected. “Set our teleporters to her Beacons, Heavy Knights go first , Cavalry second, Everyone else after! Camelot calls!” and with these simple words the ship became a bustling hive of activity as the Last Order of Knights set out.

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