Ramblings of a somewhat disturbed mind.

As some people may know, today marked another year of my existence.

Those people might also be aware of my aversion towards festivities celebrating such events, the reasons behind this are simple, and utterly inelegant ; 1 they never go without dramatic events of some sort, 2 I actually have a twin cousin, on the wealthy side of the family, 3 I’m to a degree, autistic, (big shocker,,,) so I tend to get uncomfortable around people, especially when I’m supposed to be the center of attention.

So today, was hard, and made me realise that there were things I had left unattended for too long.

For instance questions like, where did all the content go? Simple really, into a single file to be eddited (slightly) with the purpose of being published, (and translated) or, hey whatever happened to your computers, errr well, they died, got resurrected, died again, bought a new one from a friend, resumed working, then had to do a factory reset resumed working via tablet, wich had to be reset two months in(ransomware)scrounged parts to rebuild a frankenstinian abomination of a thing, resumed story work from there, untill the cat knocked the running frankenstinian abomination off of my workspace, and cracked the screen, resulting in what can only be described as a uniquely challenging yet somehow semi-functional screen, that prevents me from getting much writing done. So computerwise I’m as lucky as ever.

So for now,that’s all she wrote, if annyone has unadressed questions, I’ll try to answer where possible.

Be well and again apologies for yet another ramble post.




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