A short story, a


As you may know allready, there is more to a teddybear then just being a teddy, they are children’s most loved and trusted items, often becoming friends, companions,  or even protectors, as they chase away bad dreams, or ward off the monsters.
Or just having a picnic somewhere in the woods, indeed even coming alive every now and again. After all there are countless stories of teddies doing so, and this is one of them.

It had been a long day for mister Scruffles and Steve, his big friend, they had been gentlemen, and cowboys, and even submarine boat sailors!  It had been right exciting, and a little tiring, so tiring in fact that mister Scruffles, who had just retired from being admiral Scruffles, had fallen asleep and missed dinner, not that Steven’s parents had noticed, they never seemed to anyway. so when he woke just as Steven fell asleep he found himself quite hungry. So, he got of the bed, checked for monsters, found none, and clambered down the stairs, following the smell of still warm stew.
However what mister Scruffles didn’t know was that Mitt , one of the neighbourhood cats, had snuck his way into the house while following that same glorious scent.
And Mitt being a cat meant cat’s instincts, which with mister Scruffles clambering down the stairs meant for him to be pounced. Off course the cat had no idea what a teddy is, left alone what they do, and so found itself in the awkward position where it suddenly was being cuddled by what it wanted to eat moments before.
And thus mr. Scruffles (after some strugling mixed with petting and a lott of practice) found himself as one of the few teddies ever to ride a cat. Off course this had taken quite some time to do, and the scent of stew had faded to where even Mitt could not quite figure where it had come from, so when mr. Scruffles had said:”to food!” And excitedly kicked his new steeds flanks it must have been fully logic for the cat to run straight past the kitchen and out the window instead. Or so mr. Scruffles thought, as Mitt ran up a wall, across the road, and down the alley. Quickly bringing him further from home than he had ever been outside of the visits to Steven’s nana, and that had been by car.
He needed to get of the cat quickly or he might be lost soon!
Thinking on his fuzzy paws mister Scruffles did what had to be done, with a heartfelt “geronimoooo” the brave teddy let go, and fell down the wall past the dustbin right onto the mudslicked cobble stones of the alleyway.
For a litle while all was dark, then mr. Scruffles got up and looked around. Far off in the distance he saw Steven’s night light as it shone through their window, but ahead there were slippery stones, and unknown dangers, maybe even a dog, seeing how fast the cat had ran, waiting between himself and his dear friend. “Oh my, what to do, if I wait they might find me missing and come look, but if I go they might not even need to know,,,, and Steven would want me to be brave, after all I was an admiral before, that settles it than! Tally ho, Full speed ahead” and mister scruffles ran, straight ahead bolting then slipping, and as he realised his mistake,  skidding to a halt, right in the middle of the road. Quickly he looked both ways, and ran.
Onto the sidewalk through the gap in the front gate up the path, and smacked into the markedly closed front door,  again he looked around, only this time he did find a monster! And it was climbing up the rain pipe, how dare it! Well not on mr. Scruffles watch it wasn’t!  Roads and alleyways were unknown and scary but to a teddy monsters most certainly were not!  So he sped up the pipe, grabbed the monster’s leg and pulled with all the strength only teddies posses, and a little more. (For by now mr. Scruffles had gotten a really bad mood)  And threw the dark thing into the wall that kept the garden safe for them to play in, strangely enough there was a cracking sound, monsters didn’t usually crack, but mr. Scruffles didn’t pay it much attention as he hurled himself through the open window, into Steven’s room, where he promptly fell asleep next to Steven’s bed.

No one knew what had caused the clawmarks on the Halloway home’s wall, or how Bertram “sticky fingers” Smith , an experienced catburglar, had fallen into a wall well over seven feet away from the house, or how he had managed to break every bone in his body,  all they could find was oddly enough, a few bear hairs, and a strange bruise shaped like a tiny paw around his ankle,  both contributed to sleep deprived policemen.

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