Short story.

There once lived a carpenter,  in a small town where forest and plains met.
Who made a decent living by doing repairs, and building carts and wagons of sorts.
Unfortunately this carpenter was a tad bit forgetful at times.
Not that anyone minded, after all he did good work, and made very fine carts, carriages, wheelbarrows, and wagons.  So good in fact that the king had heard of it, now the king was a verry cruel, and stupid man. So when he went to visit the carpenter he went in the guise of a beggar. This would have been fine, had he  not opened his mouth to request a work from the carpenter:”We wish to request a chariot of your making.” Stated the king. To which the carpenter could only think the beggar was either insane, or having him on. Not wishing to agravate a possible madman he asked the beggar how many horses would pull the chariot, “our chariot shall be pulled by two of our finest thoroughbreds. ” The beggar stated matter of factly. Intrigued the carpenter agreed, however the beggar would have to pay up front. The man agreed, and would pick up his chariot in one month.
So day and night the carpenter worked to make the finest  chariot he could, save for one forgetfulness, on the day before last he realised he had forgotten the wheels!
So, thinking on his feet he took two large pieces of wood and whitled single piece wheels, of which he spanned the rim with rawhide for it’s sturdy quality’s. However his wheels were far less ornamented than the rest of the chariot, as noticed the king “the wheels must go,  they are not good enough.” Hurt the carpenter spoke” I’d wager their better than anny you’d make in two days!” Of course just to loud to ignore. “What would you wager,?”asked the king. “All I own will be yours should you win, othetwise the opposite. ” was the carpenter’s reply, the king agreed, convinced he could do better.
He took wooden boards and beams, used the carpenters tools and made a beautifull pair of wheels, the carpenter however demanded they would each affix one wheel to the chariot, and test to see which was best. They didn’t even make a mile, before the King’s wheel fell appart, the wood splintering.
And that was the day the carpenter became king.

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3 Responses to Short story.

  1. Caroline Tibéras says:

    That’s quite a nice little fairytale. Made it up yourself, or? Would be a nice one for a children’s fairytale book about life lessons and the like.
    I like it. Are there going to follow more fairytales in the future, far or near?
    However, please don’t stop with the series, I love it way too much!

  2. Margret says:

    Love the story, it’s like a life lesson.

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