Some thoughts.

It is often that I hear people say:”life is what you make it.”

I respectfully disagree, simply because we, the people, don’t change the principles of life.

Instead I believe that; “your world is a canvas, open and blank, to do with as you please,” because even if we can’t change life, we can influence our world, and the worlds of others. The world itself being nothing but how we the people choose to see it, subject to our interpretation, muteable by our actions, be they words or deeds making no difference, I  could make what I consider to be fine art, yet if enough people consider it rubbish my opinion might change, and I would come to see, what once was art to me as nothing but rubbish, thus critics would have stained my canvas, altered my individual world, making their own art on it, as a grafiti artist would upon a wall, wich once was art to the architect, and the builder that created it, so basically, we are all artists, either by creating ourselves, or by changing what is. Be that art, opinion, or perception. I appologise for this non story post but I really felt the need to commit this to writting.

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